What is Growth Habits Lab?

We teach smart, ambitious folks (like you!) how to solve impossible problems, improve their thinking, perfect their habits, make better decisions, and manage their minds with science.

Maybe you’re:

  • A busy creative professional, struggling to solve problems with limited time and money.
  • An entrepreneur or someone with a side-gig, trying to make good decisions and prioritize their workload.
  • A student, or early in your career, trying to break bad habits and build a routine that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

If that sounds like you, Growth Habits Lab is here to help.

We believe that evidence-based approaches rooted in behavioral science and psychology techniques can help us find meaning, happiness, health, and satisfaction in life, all without sacrificing our mental health.

Who are we?

Growth Habits Lab is written by me, Jennifer Clinehens, an American writer and behavior change strategist living in the United Kingdom. I’ve been applying behavioral science and psychology to marketing and experience design for years under the @ChoiceHacking handle.

I’ve also been experimenting with these techniques on myself. I’m not a psychologist or a doctor, just a normal anxious, high-achieving professional who’s found real value in these approaches.